I'm a full-stack software engineer living in Seattle, WA. I focus primarily on UX development, but am also familiar with data science and machine learning. I'm a fan of local governments, open data, and the decentralized web.

A non-exhaustive list of tech I've worked with (a.k.a. buzzword bingo): React, React Native, Javascript, Node, Serverless / AWS Lambda, PostgreSQL, Python, Flask, Pandas, Dask, Ruby on Rails.

I'm available for contract work, so contact me if you think I might find your project interesting.

Currently (as of 2018-08-14)

I'm currently splitting my time between contract work and Markers.ai, a tool that helps data science teams build high-quality training datasets. It differs from existing platforms in that all the labeling occurs in-house, with your own, well-trained annotators.

My contract work has led me to the world of React Native, which is a pretty radical shift from iOS development of old. Bringing the React paradigm of ui = fn(state) beyond the web is game-changing.


I recently worked as a tech lead on the data science team at Outreach. Prior to that, I was the frontend team lead at Array Health (since acquired). And between those two, I attempted to move the needle re: legislation-as-open-data with my project Nomos.